Current Position

Professor of Law (tenured), Ohio Northern University; Associated Scholar, Brown University's Political Theory Project


Ph.D., J.D., University of Virginia; B.A., College of William & Mary



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I have made presentations at the following venues: Society of Early Americanists Biennial, University of Alberta (Canada), Leiden University (the Netherlands), Plymouth Public Library (Massachusetts), Edwin O. Smith High School (Connecticut), Providence College, Partnership of the Historic Bostons (Massachusetts), Ada Public Library (Ohio), Rotary Club of Ada (Ohio), Texas Tech University School of Law, UConn School of Law, American Bar Association's Annual Meeting, Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists, St. John's University School of Law, University of Baltimore Law School, University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law, New York University School of Law, Ohio Academy of History, Columbia Law School, University of Akron Law School (twice), Brown University, League of Women Voters of Lima (Ohio), Cleveland State University Cleveland Marshall College of Law, Georgia State University College of Law, Valparaiso University Law School, University of Chicago Law School, Regent University School of Law (four times), University of Virginia School of Law, Newport (Rhode Island) Historical Society, Columbus (Ohio) lawyers' chapter of the Federalist Society, Rutgers-Newark School of Law, University of Pennsylvania School of Law, California Western School of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law, UCLA School of Law, University of Southern California School of Law, Capital University School of Law, Brown University's Bookstore, Poquoson (Virginia) Public Library, Michigan State University College of Law (twice), Medina County Bar Association of Ohio, Harvard Law School, Social Law Library, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Liberty Fund Colloquium (six times), Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Cleveland lawyers' chapter of the Federalist Society, University of Tennessee College of Law (twice), New England Political Science Association's Annual Meeting, John Carter Brown Library, New England School of Law, University of Texas School of Law (twice), Stetson University College of Law, Boston University School of Law, Quinnipiac University School of Law, Social Philosophy and Policy Center (five times), Case Western Reserve University School of Law (twice), Santa Clara School of Law, Stanford Law School, Loyola University of New Orleans School of Law, Southeastern Association of Law School's Annual Meeting, Midwest Political Science Association's Annual Meeting (twice), University of California at Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law, California Hastings College of Law, University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco lawyers' chapter of the Federalist Society, Golden Gate University School of Law, Sacramento lawyers' chapter of the Federalist Society, University of California at Davis School of Law, Defiance County Bar Association of Ohio, John Locke Foundation (twice), Campbell University School of Law (twice), Ohio Legal Scholarship Workshop (twice), McGeorge School of Law, Federalist Society Faculty Conference (four times), Ohio State University College of Law, Suffolk University School of Law, Heritage Foundation's Legal Strategy Forum, University of Gloucestershire (England), Southern Illinois University School of Law, Cato Institute, Michigan State University, American Political Science Association's Annual Meeting (five times), Campbell University, Princeton University, American University College of Law, Washington and Lee School of Law, William and Mary Law School (twice), New York Academy of Science, University of Toledo College of Law (twice), Northeastern Political Science Association's Annual Meeting (four times), Southern Political Science Association's Annual Meeting (twice), National Conference of Black Political Scientists' Annual Meeting (twice), Ohio Northern University (many times).